A notable mention in this category is the Tailor of Chalons, also known as the “Demon Tailor”. Not much is known about the case as the details were deemed to be so horrible that all documents were ordered to be burnt. However, it is much more difficult to destroy rumors.

It is not known how many children he killed, but he is accused of luring dozens into his shop with the intention of devouring their flesh. He allegedly sexually assaulted and tortured them first though. Once he had satisfied his sadistic needs, he would slit their throats and dismember the bodies. He was caught when authorities raided his tailoring shop, perhaps acting on a tip, and found various items including bleached, presumably human, bones.

The claims of lycanthropy arose because of his habit of biting his victims. It was also said that he would roam the woods, in the form of a wolf, to snatch up more unsuspecting children.  However, it is unclear as to whether or not he ever confessed to actually being a wolf. He was sent to trial on December 15th, 1598. He was ultimately sentenced to be burned at the stake, but may have been a simple (albeit disturbing) serial killer rather than a true lycanthrope.