Category: Real Werewolves

Tailor of Chalons

A notable mention in this category is the Tailor of Chalons, also known as the “Demon Tailor”. Not much is known about the case as the details were deemed to be so horrible that all documents were ordered to be...

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Jean Grenier

The late 1500s and early 1600s saw much of France caught in the grasp of what many would call werewolf paranoia. Certainly many of the most famous cases of lycanthropy occurred during this time. One of the most celebrated was...

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Peter Stumpp

One might be forgiven for believing that the 16th century werewolf attacks were limited to France. It may seem to, given the high number of cases in that country, but one of the most celebrated trials actually took place in...

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Pierre Bourgot

Few cases of lycanthropy are so intertwined with witchcraft as that of Pierre Bourgot and his accomplice Michel Verdung. The case was heard by the Inquisitor General for the diocese of Besancon, where the two men were on trial...

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Jacques Roulet

The area around Caude, France was wild and lonely. Few made the trip there unless they had to. One day, some villagers were passing through when they spied what looked like a body in the distance. On closer inspection, it turned...

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Gilles Garnier

The case of Gilles Garnier, The Werewolf of Dole, is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing cases of cannibalism since the victims were all children between the ages of nine and twelve. Gilles Garnier was known to all in the...

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The Gandillon Family

Cases of individual lycanthropy are remarkable enough, but what can one say when an entire family appears to be afflicted? That’s exactly what happened at the turn of the 16th century in France with the Gandillon family....

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Beast of Gévaudan

While there is no dispute that the Beast of Gévaudan existed, researchers are still not in agreement as to what it was, or even whether the attacks were done by one creature or a pack. Most theorize that, given the number of...

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