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Famous Movie Vampires

It would be gargantuan task to chronicle every vampire movie ever made. Some of them have been good; some of them have thankfully faded into oblivion, and some of them have the power to live on. In many cases, it’s the...

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Origins Of Vampires

Almost all cultures have some concept of a vampiric creature which feeds off the living. They may require blood but some versions can subsist on any form of life essence. They are either born as such, are created by an event...

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Renfield’s Syndrome

If you’ve read Bram Stoker’s Dracula (or seen the movie, of which I am not a fan) you will be familiar with the character of Renfield. For the few who may not be, Renfield was a mental patient whose aid was enlisted...

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Types Of Vampires

You probably thought that there was only one vampire type out there. You’ll primarily come across the blood drinkers in popular media, but that doesn’t mean they constitute the only members of the vampire mythos....

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Vampires In Folklore

There was a time when people truly believed in vampires. That’s not to say there aren’t those who still hold on to such convictions. However, in the past, vampirism was an integral part of many cultural belief systems throughout...

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Vampires In History

I would not wish to hazard a guess as to whether or not vampires are real. There have undoubtedly been some cases which have defied explanation, and still others which have just been disturbing. Blood drinking is a concept which...

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Destroying A Vampire

The mythology behind the creation of vampires really depends on the region. For example, in Slavic traditions anything from having a brother who walked in his sleep to burying a corpse face up could create a vampire. As such,...

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Becoming A Vampire

If you believe the movies, you might be convinced that the only way to become a vampire is by being bitten by one (oh, and that they sparkle in the sun). However, vampires exist in a broad range of cultures and there are many...

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