Author: Rayven Blacke

Beast of Gévaudan

While there is no dispute that the Beast of Gévaudan existed, researchers are still not in agreement as to what it was, or even whether the attacks were done by one creature or a pack. Most theorize that, given the number of...

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Washington Incident

Have you ever heard of the Washington Flap? How about the Washington National Airport Sightings? If you’re a dedicated UFO enthusiast, you should have. In July 1952, Washington D.C. was plagued by one of the most publicized...

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Frederick Valentich

Frederick Valentich filed a flight plan at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne on October 21st, 1978. At the time he had a Class Four instrument rating and roughly 150 hours of flight experience. He told officials that he wished to...

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Travis Walton

Travis Walton, then 22, was a member of a crew contracted by the United States Forest Service to thin out undergrowth from an area of more than 1,200 acres near Turkey Springs, Arizona. Leading the crew was Mike Rogers, Walton’s...

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Thomas Mantell

In early 1948, the Godman Army Airfield at Fort Knox, Kentucky received a number of reports from the Kentucky State Highway Patrol regarding an unidentified flying object. It seemed that people kept seeing a circular object,...

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