Is the scraping at your window just the wind, or something much more sinister? Get out from under the safety of your blanket. Feel the chill in the air. Tiptoe across the room, your heart pounding, and throw back the curtains. Don’t be afraid. It’s just us creatures of the night here. Come and join us. You know you want to. Don’t try to deny it. It’s in your blood.

I, like you, have always been fascinated by the dark. What unexplained mysteries does it hold? What is it trying to hide? Perhaps that’s what has shaped my taste in movies, books, and games. Maybe that’s why, even though I’m perfectly comfortable writing a love story, it’s the real paranormal phenomena which still entice me.

I’m not about to go wandering at night on my own anymore though. That’s why I created Eerie Whispers. Do you think you’re brave enough to come with me? Well, let’s go then. And if the darkness leaves you scared, you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. I’ll be right there with you…perhaps. Maybe that hand clutching yours doesn’t really belong to me after all.

What do you have to be afraid of? It’s just little old me in here, and I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Come on. Why don’t you walk on ahead……

Her eyes see into your soul. You know better, but she still draws you in. A little pleasure. A little pain. She’ll make you hers…forever.

Your bones ache. Your skin feels foreign on your body. The full moon above whispers to you. She calls to you…let the caged beast free.

You move in the shadows. You long to make your presence known. They travel through you, cringing at the cold. Will they ever truly see you?

I’ve put in a lot of work to create this site and, like any proud parent, I guard it zealously. As such, you’re not allowed to use of my page content/articles without my permission. The information may not be mine, but the words are. And on the topic of information, please don’t try anything you may come across on this site for yourself. Ghost hunting etc. can be dangerous activities.